The Herb Garden Community Café Share Offer

What does the Herb Garden Café mean to you?

  • Lovely freshly cooked food
  • Good coffee
  • A place to meet your friends
  • Friendly staff
  • Sofas for chatting
  • Finding out what is going on
  • Mother and child friendly
  • A place to hold your meetings
  • Christmas parties
  • Music or special evenings

We did it!!

Thanks to nearly two hundred share purchasers we raised just over £50,000 in six weeks. The Café and the management committee are deeply grateful to all who helped by buying shares.

Can I still buy shares?

Yes. Although we technically closed the share offer on May 12th this was a date that had to be set to calculate support. However, shares can be bought at any time so please see how to do this below.

What happens now?

We are currently opening nominations for the new management committee. All members will receive a form by email or in the post if no email is available. The nomination forms need to be returned by Thursday June 1st. On Tuesday June 13th a list of candidates and a voting slip will, once again, go out to every member. All postal or electronic votes need to be in by Tuesday June 20th. The vote and the count will take place at the AGM on Friday June 30th at 6:00pm, venue to be decided.

Volunteers Needed

We are planning to redecorate the Café between June 30th and July 6th, reopening on July 10th. If anyone would like to give a hand please contact Dorienne: dorienne@headweb.co.uk

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Download our Business Plan

You can also download a copy of the detailed financial data and calculations that are summarised in the business plan in either .xlsx spreadsheet format or as a PDF document for viewing

Download the Share Offer Document

Download the Society Rules

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