The Herb Garden Community Café Share Offer

What does the Herb Garden Café mean to you?

  • Lovely freshly cooked food
  • Good coffee
  • A place to meet your friends
  • Friendly staff
  • Sofas for chatting
  • Finding out what is going on
  • Mother and child friendly
  • A place to hold your meetings
  • Christmas parties
  • Music or special evenings

Do you want to lose it?

Current owner Sally Bramhall and her husband Richard have given freely of their time and resources over the years to create this special café in Llandrindod Wells, but now they want to retire and cannot find a buyer.

We need your help to make it into a Community Café

We have formed a committee, registered the café as a Community Benefit Society, written a business plan to ensure that the café is financially viable, but we need money to proceed with our plans.

We need to raise £50,000 – yes, that much!

A community café is owned jointly by the community – this works by everyone buying a share in it – and then you own a café! Well part of it anyway. So everyone can buy a share, which doesn’t have to cost a lot – the minimum to get you in is £20. But if you can afford more, please consider a larger amount.

Find out more

Read about our team

Download our Business Plan

You can also download a copy of the detailed financial data and calculations that are summarised in the business plan in either .xlsx spreadsheet format or as a PDF document for viewing

Download the Share Offer Document

Download the Society Rules

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